A customer who is transitioning their IVR to a new provider came to Circle for help recently. We solved their problem quickly and cost-effectively using Amazon Transcribe.

As part of their IVR transition the customer needed copies of all the prompts played by their existing IVR menus and tollfree numbers. This amounted to well over 300 prompts in total. We were easily able to retrieve the recorded prompts. However, each prompt recording had to be accompanied by its script so they could be re-recorded. Due to the age of the existing system and that it had been added to and modified many times over the years, the original prompt scripts were either lost or out-of-date.

We immediately saw a possible solution for this problem using the AWS Transcribe service. This service takes audio files and uses Amazon’s speech recognition to create transcriptions of the text.

There was a tight implementation deadline and Matt Ledgerwood rose to the challenge. Matt began by copying the audio files into an Amazon S3 Bucket, then created a .NET application using the AWS S3 and Transcribe APIs to run through all 300+ messages and create text transcriptions for them. Job done in 3 days!

This is just one example of how Circle can use the power and utility of the AWS suite of products to quickly and cost-effectively solve problems for our customers.