Why choose Circle Consulting & Software?

Job done. On time

If getting the job completed on time is important to you, then Circle is the right choice. We take getting the job done when we say we will more seriously than you can imagine.

Quick to respond

If you like being able to easily get a response to a query, then Circle is the right choice. You get to speak to the person who knows you and your environment rather than a service desk.

Access to decision makers

When you engage with Circle you are dealing with the people who own and run the business. This means we make decisions quickly and you get the answers you need.


Combined our team has approx. 100 years of experience in supporting customers with thought leadership and quality design, integration, implementation and support services.

Balanced guidance

If you value an honest upfront perspective of your situation along with a balanced opinion, then you’ll get that from Circle. Our experience ensures?knowledge and a qualified perspective of what is available and what will work.

Value for Money

If getting good value for your investment is important to you, then Circle is the right choice. Clients say we’re good value because they get what they need, it works and they pay a fair price.