Circle is delighted to announce it has been selected as a finalist in the Collaboration category for the 2021 Reseller News Innovation Awards for its approach to partnering in delivering an Amazon Connect Contact Centre solution for PAE NZ.

PAE is a Global Facilities Management Outsourcer with significant clients across NZ. They engaged Circle to implement a new Contact Centre solution as they needed a modern, cloud Contact Centre platform that would provide them with deeper and richer insights into their customers jobs, service issues and progress on these in order to better manage their end to end fulfillment process. Increased efficiency and better alignment of their responsiveness and alignment with their customer expectations and SLA’s was the outcome they were looking for. Prior to the implementation of Amazon Connect, PAE’s ability to win new customers was being impacted as they didn’t have the insights, reporting and data to provide evidence of their performance.

The back end workflow and case management system PAE had chosen at the same time as Amazon Connect was Unicloud – a NZ based facilities management specialist software provider. Sheila McLeod, PAE’s GM says “UniCloud and Circle have had an amazing partnership approach to our solution, the project, and the support during rollout.”

The outcome of this partnership is a solution that fundamentally changes PAE’s relationship with its clients. Agents now have a complete picture of how client’s facilities are managed, visibility of the work and any associated issues, much faster and more efficient collaboration with clients, and importantly much more detailed understanding of what service levels are being delivered and what the customer experience is. The solution also delivers a much more seamless experience for the agents – they have the information they need about the client and the resources they need to manage the workflow. The solution fundamentally changes the way they work and drives efficiencies.

Importantly, the solution Circle and Unicloud have implemented for PAE is extendable and future enhancements are planned for increasing levels of customer self service using machine learning and analytics, knowledge and other automation.

This recognition is testament to the approach that Circle takes in delivering outcomes for customers – we pride ourselves in being agile, responsive and customer focused, and we are excited to be named alongside other great Kiwi companies as a contender for a Reseller News Innovation Award.