In January 2019, Genesys announced it would be retiring its Purecloud Bridge Connector on 31 December 2019. The Bridge Connector integrates a Purecloud environment with a customer’s Verint Workforce Management (WFM) instance.

Without the Bridge Connector, Verint WFM solutions will not function after 31 December 2019.

Any WFM solution, including Verint, relies on integration with an ACD to source real time and historical statistics to generate forecasts, schedules and reports.

To support Circle’s Verint customers, and to solve this problem for organisations globally, Circle has developed its own connector and this will be available after mid-October 2019. We have named this connector ‘Piriti’. Maori is New Zealand’s native language and in Maori Piriti means ‘bridge’.

Piriti is available to any organisation that has integrated their Verint WFM solution with Purecloud. The connector is simple to install, cost effective, fully supported by Circle, and offers enhancements not available from the Purecloud Bridge Connector.

For more information contact Circle today.